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Re: List suspension - in defense of Wildwoman

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Lynn wrote:

> Dennis Wish wrote:
> [...]

> Let us make this list a haven for the structural engineering community as a
> whole.  If you are a deeply religious person who is offended by jokes that
> attack the religious, you should not in effect be banned from this list.  These
> people will leave.

Ah, but they don't.  Instead they post long diatribes about how offended they are
and about how everyone should submit to their personal standards of right and
wrong.  Submission to such would-be tyrants reduces the remaining discourse the
level of the least common denominator.

> Let us get control of this alligator before it eats the master.

Please forgive me, Lynn, but clearly there's a difference in perspective here. :-)
To at least some of us, the "properly" sanitized discussion that would remain after
such censorship would leave us with only what the alligator produces after having
eaten the master. :-D