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When has Dennis ever been wordy????

Dennis Wish wrote:
> Thanks Barry, I do appreciate your comments. I was careful to clearly state
> that I had a bias in this issue. Although I can be overly wordy on the
> issue, my point was simple. We as a list community need to be aware of all
> sides of the issue, probe for the truth and act upon our findings in order
> to preserve what is ours or change the direction we believe it should
> follow.
> This one issue is too important for anyone inside or out of California
> inasmuch as the decisions from this will affect all of us.
> Respectfully
> Dennis Wish PE
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> From: Barry H. Welliver [mailto:wellive(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 6:07 AM
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: SEAOSC v. SEAOC
> Dennis Wish wrote:
> > I have been away ...
> And now you are back.
> But Dennis, just how do you feeeeeel about this issue???
> Seriously, thanks for your perspective on these various issues. While the
> picture you paint is fairly clear, you must confess it is colored by your
> unfortunate experiences. Being shocked and appalled can certainly filter
> your
> perceived options in any situation. We all choose when to assess our
> position on
> matters and tend toward sooner than later. While I have watched the momentum
> build on this issue, and the "problem" appears to be a stumbling block for
> the
> entire organization, I've yet to read a balance of opinion (R. Hamburger
> message
> noted). People make decisions on the fly and go away and reconsider and
> sometimes change their minds.  I can't help but wonder why it is that we say
> politics is dirty business and politicians have thick skin yet stuff needs
> to
> get done. In truth we pay politicians to have thick skin in the hope that
> they
> can/will shrug it off and find a way to get things done.
> I've no real comment on the parties involved or their actions at this point.
> I
> do encourage the directors to overcome this apparent stalemate (if it is
> indeed
> a problem for the future of the organization).
> Barry H. Welliver
> wellive(--nospam--at)