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RE: Simpson Strongwall Question

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Dennis, you should have received a single page (front and back) flier
with the product sizes and allowable loads.  The loads shown in the
literature under the "Allowable Shear V Load (lb)" and "Allowable Shear
V Load (lb/ft)" are calibrated to Allowable Stress or Working Stress
design levels, and are reduced by the 1.4 factor from their Strength
Level.  Additionally, you should know that the load was chosed such that
the deflection at the Strength level, amplified by the 0.7xR factor,
does not exceed the 0.025H limit on inelastic deflections for short
period buildings as per the 1997 UBC.  Also, the rated Portal Frame
Loads are in fact for two panels in conjunction with the header.  I will
make this more clear in the next release of literature.  Thanks for the
Steve Pryor, S.E.
Simpson Strong-Tie

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>  I received the test data from Simpson. I can not find the working
> stress
>  values? Also, is there a table of sizes and capacities from which to
> choose?
>  Are you assuming a working stress capcity of 25% of the ultimate?
>  Please let us know.
>  Dennis Wish PE
>   >>
> Dennis,
> We have just started looking at the StrongWall in our office as
> substitution
> for the Hardy frame used on a project.  Page 1of 2 of there product
> flyer
> gives allowable shears for the panel assembly.  So by working stress,
> you have
> a certain shear force calculated to a given wall line, you then select
> a
> Strongwall with excess capacity to the calculated demand.  The
> deflection of
> the panel will be within code (.005h) for drift for shear loads less
> than the
> strongwall design value.  
> Be VERY CAREFULL in evaluating the garage portal frame (wood beam
> sitting on
> top of strongwall each end of beam).  The listed values are for the
> pair of
> Strongwall panels,  not the individual panels at each end.  This is
> not clear
> in the literature unless you backcheck the allowable shear/ft value
> compared
> to the allowable shear load and length of panel. 
> Example:   Strongwall SW16x7-4 panels (16 inches wide)
> Allowable shear for portal frame = 3020 pounds  (1510 pounds for the
> panel at
> each end of the frame)
> The published working stress level I believe is 71.4 percent (1/1.4)
> of the
> strength design load based upon testing.  For furthur clarification, I
> guess
> you need to contact Simpson.  
> By the way, Simpson now has competition for the strongwall, besides
> the Hardy
> Frame, which is the "Lateral-Force Resisting (LFR) Panel" which is
> being
> manufactured by Shear Transfer Systems.  They just got their ICBO
> number.
> This is a reinforced all wood panel also, possibly with a better
> holdown.
> Michael Cochran