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Re: Key Location in cant. retain. walls.

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     I would locate the key directly below the base of the wall and where 
     the weight of the key would help as a righting moment, meaning between 
     the c.g. and the heel. Locating it directly at the base would provide 
     longer embedment for the vertical bars of the wall.

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Subject: Key Location in cant. retain. walls.
Author:  PC:rwhitsel(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    7/23/98 6:30 AM

Long time lurker, first time poster, here is my question
In the design of cantilevered retaining walls, say with a 2:1 backfill, where 
is the "optimial" location of the key used to resist sliding of the wall,  I 
have seen it placed in three places
(1) at or near the Heel.
(2) at or near the Toe.
(3) somewhere inbetween perhaps near the stem to pick up some of the reinf.
I tend to prefer to have the key at the heel to have a lower overturning 
moment at the toe, and to give a longer path to resist sliding
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Interested in what Ya'all think of this
Rod Whitsel 
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