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I second Thors request! Canadian engineers could use such a program in
smaller departments of larger firms, or just to have a good program more
available in medium to large firms.

Lorne Lapham
S Mining Group
(250) 368-2445

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> How about Canada too?  Something that is not as expensive as S-Frame
> or other finite element/dynamic capable software would go down well
> with small businesses!!
> Thor Tandy P.Eng
> Victoria  BC
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> Subject: SPACE GASS
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> >After a significant number of queries from the US we are looking at
> developing a design module for the US code (the program already
> >has code checking / design facilities for British, South African,
> Australian and New Zealand codes).  To this end I am trying to
> >ascertain whether there would be any demand for a user-friendly,
> relatively low cost windows based program that performs static
> >(linear and non-linear analysis), dynamic (frequencies and response)
> and elastic buckling analysis and design to the US code.
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