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Key Location in cant. retain. walls.

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I prefer to have it at the middle, as close to under the wall as possible as 
reinforcing can be extended from the wall into the key and development 
lengths can be more easily accomodated.  Also, there would be less concern 
(and need) for additional reinforcing to resist the tension and concentrated 
moment in the footing caused by the forces on the key.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

rwhitsel wrote:

. > In the design of cantilevered retaining walls, say with a 2:1 backfill, 
. > where is the "optimial" location of the key used to resist sliding of the
. > wall,  I have seen it placed in three places 
. > (1) at or near the Heel. 
. > (2) at or near the Toe. 
. > (3) somewhere inbetween perhaps near the stem to pick up some of the 
. > reinf.
. >