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I graduated in '89 having been taught LRFD. I did my first design in LRFD
and was told by my boss to "never do that again" . Needless to say I had to
learn ASD pretty quickly.
Chris Wood

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	same tendency here too.  i think AISC is gonna get us eventually and
convert us all to LRFD, but we will go down with claws extended. schools
here are teaching LRFD exclusively, but the EITs pick up on ASD rather
quickly and in fact have admitted liking it better. We have been known to
operate in both modes, but the preference is ASD.

	robert d. rollo, PE (structural) 
	Lubbock, TX 

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	Most people I know still use the ASD steel code.   My undestanding
is that 
	LRFD is being taught in college.  Some colleges offer both types of
	design (ASD and LRFD).   

	New graduates that only know LRFD are having to learn the ASD by
	companies,  since the older people there who check their work know
ASD only in 
	some cases. 

	This is what I commonly find in my area, the southeast. 

	Hope this helps 

	Ron Martin, PE. 
	Tuscaloosa, Al