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RE: ACAD-using "stacked fractions"

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Release 14 allows user input stacked fractions through MTEXT. For example,
to create the stacked fraction for 1/2 you would:
-start the MTEXT comand
-define the Mtext bounding box
-type "1/2" (no quotes) in the Mtext editor window
-select the text you want to stack
-and the click the button on the MTEXT window toolbar which graphically
depicts a stacked fraction.

This will work with any font you use, .shx or Truetype.

Brent Koch

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Subject: ACAD-using "stacked fractions"

Does anyone know if ACAD allows the use of the architectural stacked
if you are typing a line of text.   I am familiar with their use in
dimensioning but not how I can access these for notes, sentences etc.

Anyone know how this is done?