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For what its worth for all the ASD and LRFD traffic, during the 19th Century
design was done by LRFD-like techniques.  Then the ASD was introduced and
LRFD fell out of favor.  The old timers then kicked and screamed.  Now we're
going back to LRFD, with the "new" old timers kicking and screaming.  After
that transition is completed, I figure a good 100 years before ASD becomes
the "in" approach again.

Anyway, its not AISC, etc. that decides what is the "proper" method.  If you
look carefully at the begining of these design codes, they usually deny any
responsibility for their use.  In reality, its either the local regulatory
authorities (i.e. building dept, etc.), local judge, local jury, and/or
local prosecutor on a witch hunt after an engineering mishap/diaster that
decides what is the proper method.

Of course, they all have help from "experts".

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From: Wood, Chris <CWood(--nospam--at)>

I graduated in '89 having been taught LRFD. I did my first design in LRFD
and was told by my boss to "never do that again" . Needless to say I had to
learn ASD pretty quickly.