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Re: Key Location in cant. retain. walls.

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I prefer to have the key either in the middle or close to the toe.  Not
near the heel, especially in the example listed with a 2:1 back slope. 
The key at the heel requires more excavation, thus more expense.

Roger Turk wrote:
> I prefer to have it at the middle, as close to under the wall as possible as
> reinforcing can be extended from the wall into the key and development
> lengths can be more easily accomodated.  Also, there would be less concern
> (and need) for additional reinforcing to resist the tension and concentrated
> moment in the footing caused by the forces on the key.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> rwhitsel wrote:
> . > In the design of cantilevered retaining walls, say with a 2:1 backfill,
> . > where is the "optimial" location of the key used to resist sliding of the
> . > wall,  I have seen it placed in three places
> . > (1) at or near the Heel.
> . > (2) at or near the Toe.
> . > (3) somewhere inbetween perhaps near the stem to pick up some of the
> . > reinf.
> . >