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RE: I do not understand ....

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Karen, this thread actually belongs on the seaocMembers list. However, in
order for others to understand how this came to be, I've chosen to post this
on both lists. Please post all responses to seaocMembers(--nospam--at)
and not the SEAint list.

First and foremost, the seaocMembers list arose from the threads pertaining
to California SEA issues and is not the result of the humor thread -
unfortunately both issues ran the thread simultaneously.
Here is my assessment of the other changes:

1. The SERVER is owned and operated by SEAOSC and SEAOSC members - Southern
California Chapter. The reason it was formerly called the SEAOC List and Web
was due to certain agreements made between the state and local chapter. Many
of the Listmembers and visitors to the Website misunderstood the intent of
the list - which was to foster and unify engineers worldwide. Because of
this, many subscribers were reluctant to participate as visitor. In
addition, the SEAOC name brought about connotations that the discussions
held would be specific to Caliornia issues - another misnomer.

2. The list name was changed to SEAint Listservice and the Web to SEAint.
The name was registered by SEAOSC. As I stated in my prior post - the
primary reason for the name change was to promote unification of other SEA
as well as other professional affiliations with the hope of creating a
unified location (List and Web) where information can be shared. By creating
an entity called SEAint, subsribers will (we hope)be less guarded about
their participation.
Some of you may have seen seminar announcements for the Light Gauge Steel
Engineers Association (LGSEA) which appeared on our list. For those unaware,
Larry Williams, who is the director of LGSEA, has also been lurking in the
background ready to answer questions related to Steel Stud design. In
addtion to LGSEA, John Rose of APA, Steve Pryor of Simpson Stong-tie, and
others have been helping professionals by fielding questions related to
their products or materials.
This is the type of interaction and exchange of information that we wish to
encourage. We hope that by the creation of an international List and Web, we
will be encouraging others to participate as well.

3. In time, we expect there to be a set of "tools" available to any
professional organization who wishes to get involved and networked into this
Virtual community. In the very basic sense, these tools may include a List
and Web page. This could grow - depending upon how much interaction of these
tools is required to help each "member" organization to effectively
accomplish their work goal. For example, it may be necessary to add an open
chat group to the list of tools, or an audio and video virtual committee
room in order to exchange idea's in real time. Still another example might
be the use of an Internet phone system to allow interaction of the unified
members with little or now cost in long distance services (until which time
regulation occurs). In this respect there are a few Internet telephones that
reside outside the computer and connect directly to your home or office
phone line. This technology requires a server and can potentially save
professional organizations thousands which can be used for more productive
Therefore, we expect that each new affiliation that SEAint makes will be
provided with a set of tools to assist in the assimilation of information
and sharing between groups.

4. This leads us to your last question regarding seaocMembers. I refer you
to my last post which will explain this in depth. This is the first of many
sites established with the tools package in mind. However, there is a
difference here. The bigest difference is that, unlike other sites, this on
includes discussions pertainent to the development of these tools and other
services offered to the Internet community.
Possibly another spin-off from this is to have, where applicable, local
chapter web and list services.
Having specific domains such as this allow the chapter to maintain an
identity on the list, work ing to the hub as a link between other state
chapters and, most importantly, provide the members of that chapter with
real-time information about the issues that chapter is addressing.

At the core of all of this is the chapter that provided the hardware and
created the seeds for discussion groups - SEA of Southern California. At the
present, SEAOSC is in a unique position of being the administrator of the
potentially largest network of professional engineers worldwide. SEAOSC does
not want to accomplish these goals alone and hopes that the members who read
this will help to unit their state or local chapter and assist in the
development of the Structural Engineering Infrastructure over the next many

Dennis S. Wish PE - member SEAOSC CAC

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Subject: I do not understand ....

I do not quite understand who is who and why ?

According to recent changes SEAOSC or SEAONC (for example) are served by the
following three servers:


2. SEAINT.ORG    and


The questions are:  Are these servers interconnected ???  Are the postings
sent to one server transferred to the remaining two so that members of all
three list-servers read messages sent to any of the above three  ??? What is
the purpose of this new third server ???  ---- to "get rid" of the jokers
Will the first two server-lists be disbanded in the future ???

Will someone, please, explain ...  Thank you ...