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Re: I do not understand ....

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SEAOC.ORG is the old name of our server. The new name of the server is
SEAINT.ORG. Therefore they are one and the same thing except that SEAOC.ORG
will not be published or used any more. All future communication will
happen under SEAINT.ORG name.

seaocMembers is simply a list server. This is the second list server
residing on SEAINT server. The address for the two list servers are:

1. seaint(--nospam--at) (This is where you are currently subscribed. There are
over 7000 engineers from all over the world on this list. Traffic is high,
20 to 55 email a day.)

2. seaocMembers(--nospam--at) (This is the new list server designed for SEAOC
members. This is where SEAOC members can discuss issues related to their
association. This will also help us reduce the traffic on the seaint list.

Hope that helps.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.
Internet Admin

At 7/24/98 08:51 AM, you wrote:
>I do not quite understand who is who and why ?
>According to recent changes SEAOSC or SEAONC (for example) are served by the
>following three servers:
>2. SEAINT.ORG    and
>The questions are:  Are these servers interconnected ???  Are the postings
>sent to one server transferred to the remaining two so that members of all
>three list-servers read messages sent to any of the above three  ??? What is
>the purpose of this new third server ???  ---- to "get rid" of the jokers ???
>Will the first two server-lists be disbanded in the future ???
>Will someone, please, explain ...  Thank you ...