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        Join Seaoc members

             Thanks for the clarification. Was about to ask Shafat about it.


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Author:  MIME7:wish(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    7/24/98 5:34 PM

To all subscribers of the SEAint Listservice:
I just wanted to take a moment to elaborate on the announcement of the new 
seaocMembers listservice. I discussed this issue with Shafat yesterday 
afternoon. The members of the SEAint list have, in numerous posts and private 
email, voiced their desire to have a separate list devoted to SEAOC related 
topics. This will, we hope reduce the volume of posts to the SEAint List. 
However, we wish to emphasize that the seaocMembers list is not restricted to 
California members, or SEA members for that matter. Many of the topics that 
will be discussed are relevant to the developement and growth of the SEAOSC 
server, Website and growing number of Listservices. We, therefore, invite any 
and all list participants who are interested in the development of our 
Internet SE Infrastructure to subscribe and participate. We believe that the 
seaocMembers List will be an important tool in shaping our future.
As the global engineering community unites, Shafat and I believe that it 
will be important for each local chapter to establish a presence in the form 
of an Internet tools package. The makeup of this package has not been worked 
out, but the hub will be both the Listservice and Website.
It is also the goal and intent of SEAint to provide Websites and tools to 
other SEA organizations in an effort to unify the exchange of information - 
a Virtual professional community.
In addition, it is important to recognize the work of other organizations 
such as ASCE, CELSOC, NSPE, and the many others professional organizations I 
have not mentioned. Although attempts have been made to unify the work done 
in each organization, a common communication link had been difficult to 
achieve by prior conventional means. It is now possible to exchange creative 
work among different professional organizations without the duplication of 
work and within a friendly virtual enviornment. Therefore, in an effort to 
help meld the different organizations into a cohesive Virtual network, 
SEAint will be sending out special invitations to join our Virtual 
The seaocMembers Listservice will be instrumental in working through the 
problems of creating an infrastructure to help unite the Structural 
Engineering Community. Therefore, we invite you to join the list and help us 
define the structure of these important tools.
To join send an email to admin(--nospam--at) and in the body of the message 
join seaocMembers
We sincerely hope that you find this to be another useful tool and will use 
it to it's fullest advantages.
Dennis S. Wish PE
CAC member