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Re: Seismic Zone 4 vs Richter Magnitude Number

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Zone 4 of the UBC generally corresponds to sites within 25 miles of 
major active faults.  Major here means any fault capable of 
generating M6.5+ events.  Active - means with recurrence intervals of 
a few hundred, as opposed to 1000 years.

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> Subject:       Seismic Zone 4 vs Richter Magnitude Number
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> If I am not mistaken, neither Blue Book nor Uniform Building Code (among
> others) do not give a "translation" of  vertical / horizontal design load
> requirements for (say) Seismic Zone 4 into "Richter-scale-magnitude number".
> I know that this information is not needed to perform required structural
> calculations  ... but it would be nice to know where I am at.
> Your help would be appreciated ..
Ronald O. Hamburger, SE
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