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Dear Colleagues,                               July 25, 1998

I have attended the following recent excellent seminars and strongly recommend
you contact the sponsors' web sites for more information and possible seminar

July 16, 1998.  Applied Technology Council (ATC), "Seminar on Seismic
Upgrading of Hazardous Buildings"  This seminar covered FEMA 273, 274, 310,
and ATC 40 and 43.  Of special note was Ronald Hamburger's talk, "Overview of
SAC Findings Pertinent to Seismic Upgrade of Steel Moment-Frame Buildings." 
Web Site:

July 17, 1998. International Conference of Building Officials (ICB0), "Special
Presentation, Overview and Perspective, 1997 UBC Earthquake Regulations" and
"Development of the International Building Code and Current IBC Structural
Design Provisions"  S. K. Ghosh, President of S. K. Ghosh Associates,
(formerly with the Director-Codes, Standards Engineering Services, Portland
Cement Association) presented excellent talks and notes on these two very
current building code topics.
Web site: for information concerning ICBO publications, future
ICBO seminars, etc.  I have attended the following ICBO Seminars which I found
to be very worthwhile:  Seminar 102, "1994 Uniform Building Code", Seminar
106, "UBC '94, Shearwall Design for Seismic Zones 3 & 4", Seminar 113, "1994
UBC Strength Design of Masonry."

July 24, 1998. Computers & Structures, Inc. (CSI), "Static Pushover &
Nonlinear Dynamics for Seismic Design"  Special emphasis on CSI's  just
released "SAP 2000/NL-Push Analysis Program" with excellent seminar  SAP
2000/NL-Push Tutorial notes.  This seminar covered CSI's Pushover and
Nonlinear Dynamics computer programs.
Web site: 

These times are very exciting with the development of new methodologies for
structural and earthquake engineering.

Frank E. McClure    FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)