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R.R. of Tilt-Up Wall's W/ openings

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Determining the Relitive Rigidity of tilt up wall panels with openings.  I have seen many methods and was curious as to what method was prefered by other members on this list server.

This question arrises after Reading  Brooks "Tilt-Up Design and Construction Manual" in the section In-Plane Shear Distribution Along a Wall, in which Brooks Recomends (in the case of a flexible diaphram) that shear to all panels be proportioned according to trib diaphram length.  Based upone the paper by Ronald Eddington in the April 19, 1990 issue of the SEAOCC newsletter.  (I have not looked at this newsletter at the time of this post but will as soon as I find it)

The panels that I typicly run across have one or two openings per story, rigid diaphram at 2nd floor and flex diaphram at roof, with rigidities determinened from "conventional" rigidity analysis such as described in the tri-services manunal.

For the single panel I have compared 2D Plate FEM models to the results in the back of the Tri-Services Manual  (TM 5-809-10/MAVFAC P-355/AFM 88-3, Chap 13) with good agreement between the methods, but I wonder how this applies to a series of tilt up panels connected by debonded chord bars.

Thanks in Advance

Rod Whitsel, EIT 

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