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RE: point load vs. effective width

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The easy and economical design of  this structure is  by using  the minimum
width of wall needed  and  use CHB  units(assuming no wall forms is
available) framed with  RC columns and beams. The point load should be
resisted preferably by the center column.

I hope this helps.


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Subject:	point load vs. effective width

I have a project that needs to design a free-standing wall subjected to a
point load perpendicular
to the wall (out-of-plane point load). The point load is located at 2'-0"
above the bottom of the
wall. The question is that what width of the wall (at wall length direction,
not thickness
direction; the width is located at bottom of the wall) should be used to
resist the point load ?
Should be spread at a ratio of height:width=1:2 at each side of the point
load (that means
width=8') or even height:width=1:3 (width=(2)(2)(3')=12') ? Or any other
width should be used ?
Does any one know any reference or test results regarding this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Quick Wu