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Re: Key Location in cant. retain. walls.

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> My question now is: In calculating stability against overturning, where is the
> point of rotation? When there is no key, it is usually the bottom of the
> footing opposite the backfill.  When there is a key, I think it should be
> between the bottom of the footing and the bottom of the key, somewhere......
> Right now, I just use the bottom of the footing for simplicity.
> In a theoretical analysis, if the key is at the bottom of the toe of the
> footing, the point of rotation is at the  face of the footing and key, at the
> location of the resultant passive soil pressure resisting sliding(assuming we
> neglect friction force under the footing which will not really occur once the
> wall and footing starts overturning).
> Where do the others locate their overturning point when there is a key?
> Ernie Natividad

I locate it at the bottom of the toe for simplicity as well. But the key
provides some additional resisting moment against overturning.

Moni Serhal