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Re: Non-shrinkage Grout Vs. Pull-out strength

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>Simebody told me that when a post-installed dowel (such as #5 deformed rebar)
>filled up with non-
>shrinkage grout in a drilled hole can have strong pull out strength, even the
>embedment length of 
>the dowel is not so long ( such as 9" embedment for #5 dowel may be able to
>develop the full 
>tension capacity of the rebar). Does any one know where to contact the
>manufacturer or any 
>reference, or any test results? It would be great helpful especially for
those >products with ICBO 
>Thanks in advance.
>Quick Wu

There are many adhesive anchoring system manufacturers with ICBO ES Reports
listing good capacities for reinforcing bars embeded into concrete.  Tension
values listed in the reports have safety factors typically ranging from 4:1 to
5.33:1, but can be higher under certain circumstances.  

For example, in ICBO ER 4846, the Covert Operations CIA-Gel 7000 epoxy
anchoring system shows a #5 bar with 5 5/8" embedment in 2000 psi concrete to
have an allowable capacity of 4870 pounds.  The ultimate capacity of this
anchor is 19480 pounds with only 9 diameters of embedment; above the yield for
a grade 60 #5 which is 18600 pounds.  This performance is typical for our
product, and shown for #3-#10 bars in our ICBO Report.

Howard Silverman, P.E.
Regional Field Engineer
Covert Operations, Inc.
(800) 827-7229