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RE: point load vs. effective width

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This really depends on the thickness of your wall, vertical and horizontal reinforcement.  For the simplicity sake you can think about it as, say, 12" wide beam fixed at both ends with a point load in the middle.  You want to find a maximum span that this beam can support for a known load.

Of course, you can also investigate the two way action if time can be justified.


Sasha Itsekson, PE

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Sent: 	Saturday, July 25, 1998 8:13 AM
To: 	seaoc
Subject: 	point load vs. effective width

I have a project that needs to design a free-standing wall subjected to a point load perpendicular
to the wall (out-of-plane point load). The point load is located at 2'-0" above the bottom of the
wall. The question is that what width of the wall (at wall length direction, not thickness
direction; the width is located at bottom of the wall) should be used to resist the point load ?
Should be spread at a ratio of height:width=1:2 at each side of the point load (that means
width=8') or even height:width=1:3 (width=(2)(2)(3')=12') ? Or any other width should be used ?
Does any one know any reference or test results regarding this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Quick Wu