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RE: Structural Analysis Software Wish List

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Let me see if I understand....

You would like to be able to create a model for your analysis, having
the section and material properties assigned to each member, perform the
analysis and design for each member in your model and have the program
create a 3d representation of that model transferable into a structural
drafting and detailing package?

If this is accurate, Eagle Point has that capability all inside of
AutoCAD.  Give me a call or respond to this e-mail and I will gladly
send you more information.

Joe Deppe
Manager, Structural Division
800-678-6565 Ext. 360

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> Sent: 	Tuesday, July 28, 1998 7:49 AM
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> Subject: 	FW: Structural Analysis Software Wish List
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> Sent: 	Thursday, July 23, 1998 10:46 AM
> Subject: 	RE: Structural Analysis Software Wish List
> I agree with the wishes listed below as well as I have some of my own.
> Every analysis and design software has a model database file with
> members geometry, member sizes, releases and so on.  This file is
> usually in some proprietary format and is not accessible to the user.
> I have 2 suggestion:
> 1. Have vendors of analysis and 3D structural drafting software (like
> Softdesk or Rebis) come up and agree on the unified database file
> format.
> 2. Make this database accessible for later postprocessing, and /or
> provide the export capabilities that would allow this information to
> be used by structural design/drafting software.
> If this becomes possible, the transition from the design phase to
> drafting and detailing could become close to seamless.  Now if you
> want to build a 3D model in AutoCAD, you have to first build an
> analysis model, DXF it out, and defined all of the member sizes again.
> When you have a model of the building with several thousands nodes in
> it, this is a pretty lengthy task.
> This is especially important in the building and plant/facility design
> where building a 3D model is required in order to avoid interference
> and for presentation purposes.  I think there is big enough market for
> it, and the first vendor who offers something like that will
> definitely receive a competitive advantage over others.
> Sasha Itsekson, PE
> Eichleay Engineers
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> From: 	MSSROLLO[:mssrollo(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: 	Thursday, July 23, 1998 2:25 AM
> To: 	seaint
> Subject: 	Structural Analysis Software Wish List
> I have noticed several (possibly all) structural analysis software
> companies
> monitor this List.  I was wondering if this group put together a wish
> list,
> how many companies would respond.
> For purposes of this posting, I would like to address large structural
> analysis/FE programs only.  Assuming the programs are running properly
> internally (i.e. their MC/I calcs are right), my biggest problems are
> the
> input and output I get on a daily basis.  On FE runs, I have a
> mountain of
> data to sift, when I only need a few critical values in most cases.
> The fact
> a member is defined as "between 2 joints" also generates a lot of data
> when a
> steel beam for example has numerous framing members.
> I was wondering how many people thought the following would be a
> benefit if
> incorporated into a software package.  Quite frankly, once their job
> of
> creating the output is over, my work is just beginning.  I am posing
> these as
> additions to the software and am assuming the current abilities would
> remain
> in the software.
> 1.  Ability to define a "Master Member".  Example....Beam1 starts at
> joint 5
> and goes thru Joints 7,9, 23,17 and then ends at Joint 26.  We input
> it this
> way, the program subdivides it for calcs and then puts it back
> together for
> output.  This would consolidate the results for output.  A "smart"
> consolidation routine would be great when I am dealing with a 50' beam
> that
> has members at 5' oc framing into it.  This should also help in
> getting
> consolidated concrete reinforcing.
> 2.  A similar ability in FE routines for large walls/floors.  Define a
> master
> wall/floor area and have the results of the subdivided area
> consolidated to
> show the maximums for the wall if desired.
> 3.  Ability to output the data from FE elements, members etc into a
> text file
> for those of us who write routines to "further process" the
> information.  I
> have several that do further processing for special cases, but always
> have to
> read through an output file with headers and page numbers to get what
> I need.
> It would be nice if all companies used the same format (RISA, SAP,
> STAAD, etc)
> 4.  Ability to define the brace points on a beam/column rather than an
> unbraced length.  I typically have different unbraced lengths for top
> flanges
> vs. bottom flanges.  Allowing the input of a brace code such that
> directs
> which flange a brace is bracing would be helpful.  Examples of  the
> options
> could be IF (inner flange) , OF (outer flange), BF (both flanges) etc.
> I
> worked for one company that had their own software any this definitely
> was
> nice and leads to more economical designs rather than giving a worst
> case
> scenario.  This coupled with the Master member would be helpful.
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