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CODE: ACI 530-88

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5.6 of ACI 530-88:

"5.6 -- Deflection of beams and lintels

Deflection of beams and Lintels due to dead plus live load shall not exceed 
l/600 nor 0.3 in. when providing vertical support to masonry elements 
designed in accordance with Chapter 6."

Chapter 6 is:  "Design Allowing Tensile Stresses in Masonry," i.e., 
unreinforced masonry.  Section 6.2 states, "The effect of stresses in 
reinforcement shall be neglected."

Chapter 7 is "Design Neglecting Tensile Strength of Masonry."

However, UBC Section 2106.2.9 has the 1/600 requirement, but not the 0.3 inch 
and doesn't restrict it to unreinforced masonry.  (BIA has the same 
requirements as ACI 530-88)

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona