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RE: COMP: Software Wish List

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In response to Bill first,

Some products do allow you to do this.  SPACE GASS, for example, has the capability to present the output in a text format for
viewing / manipulation in MS Wordpad, etc, in addition to which it allows you to fully customize the report for direct printing from
the program.

Other packages which do not have this capability can still be "tricked" into creating a text file by selecting the "print to file"
option for your printer and then using an asci file print driver.


SPACE GASS allows you to modify section libraries, including allowing you to create your own libraries.  You can also import and
export in DXF (full 3D) with member geometry shown (it interacts with StruCAD, X-Steel, etc) and also import and export via a text

I don't mean to go on blowing this program's horn, but most people in the US are unfamiliar with this package and its ease of use,
capabilities, etc.

Nick Stanley, B.Eng (Hons), B.Bus
Structural Engineer - ITS

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> Subject: COMP: Software Wish List
> I guess one of my issues with software is that of the output. Some vendors
> do it better than others (few do it great) and I would love to have the
> capability of customizing the output.
> My question to software vendors is:
> Would it be too difficult to use Office Automation for output such that the
> output is created in Word Pad which everyone but Roger Turk has? The
> software could ship with a template and the user, if he/she so chooses, can
> customize the template to their liking? Of course MS Word would be better,
> but versioning would be a pain. Crystal Reports would be cool, too. This
> way, I could make the headers and footers for all of my output look the
> same, change the fonts, you know, fiddle with it.
> Another way would be to provide the output in .txt format (or, an optional
> export to .txt format). Maybe the software vendor could charge extra for an
> import template in MS Word, Wordperfect, etc.
> Thoughts from vendors would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bill Allen