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Re: FASTENERS: Plymetal Teks

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I think a simple answer to your question could be obtained from the
following, individuals there have done extensive research dealing with
fastner and diaphram action in metal roofing and wall sections.  The
contact is South Dakota State University Agricultural Engineering
Department.  The phone # is 605-688-6569.  Im sure they could put you in
contact with companys that they did work for.    

At 04:41 PM 7/28/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Does the roof deck have to be plywood?  If not, there is a roof company that
>has done tests for their light gauge metal roof attached to light gauge
>purlins spaced at 4'-0" on center.  Their number is 800-527-4035 and the
>product is loadmaster.
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>Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998 3:14 PM
>Subject: FASTENERS: Plymetal Teks
>>I am designing a structure such that I cannot find any "Code" values for a
>>fastener. I am designing a one story structure with 3/4" plywood roof
>>sheathing and light gauge (16 and 18) purlins at 4'-0". I need a fastener
>>with a fluted head that has some kind of shear value attaching 3/4" plywood
>>to 16 or 18 gauge metal. The shear wall tables in the 1997 UBC do not work
>>since one of the requirements are that the "studs" have to be at 24" or
>>less. I have already contacted ITW Buildex, Compass International, Grabber
>>International (via Angeles Metal Systems) and no one seems to have data
>>I can use. If anyone out there has any specification with "Code" loads, I
>>would be most appreciative.
>>Bill Allen