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RE: COMP: Software Wish List

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Most softwares print to the default Windows printer. You can install
virtually any type of printer that you want and direct the programs output
to that printer. The advantage is that you can create a printer than
defaults to a text file rather than send the output to an lpt port.
Here is something I use when working from a laptop and not having a printer
always at hand:
I use an expensive program like Visioneers Paperport or Presto's comparable
products - each for around $50.00. These program search your hard drive for
installed programs such as your word processor, graphics program, OCR,
scanner and printers. Virtually any software on your hard drive that allow
direct importation of the text file or by use of ODBC (Object embedment).
I set the system printer to Paperport and accumulate all of my analysis
printouts to Paperports proprietary format.
Once it it within Paperport I can organize it, stack it into groups, create
folders for projects and store the analysis and drawings, or direct the
output to any other program for editing. For most of the printout that comes
from Enercalc, for example, I can export it out to an OCR program for
conversion to a text file if I don't wish to play with an easier Object
embedding method.

What it boils down to is that there are ways to manipulate your package so
that you can create an editable book of calc's. I haven't tried Microsoft's
Binder but this appears to allow you to bind various differnet formats into
one booklet for storage and editing.

Mind you, I have not tried all of these methods and would like to hear from
others as to how to organize their work packages and how they edit the
output from various programs.

Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: COMP: Software Wish List

I guess one of my issues with software is that of the output. Some vendors
do it better than others (few do it great) and I would love to have the
capability of customizing the output.

My question to software vendors is:
Would it be too difficult to use Office Automation for output such that the
output is created in Word Pad which everyone but Roger Turk has? The
software could ship with a template and the user, if he/she so chooses, can
customize the template to their liking? Of course MS Word would be better,
but versioning would be a pain. Crystal Reports would be cool, too. This
way, I could make the headers and footers for all of my output look the
same, change the fonts, you know, fiddle with it.

Another way would be to provide the output in .txt format (or, an optional
export to .txt format). Maybe the software vendor could charge extra for an
import template in MS Word, Wordperfect, etc.

Thoughts from vendors would be appreciated.

Bill Allen