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RE: Heating mat in concrete slab

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There are 2 companies that do this type of work routinely.  They are Easy Heat and Delta Therm.  The only negative is the potential for thermal shock.   But a properly designed system can avoid these problems.  The crucial part is in the controllers, and the method of heat distribution.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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Subject:	Heating mat in concrete slab

I am working on a project where the mechanical engineer wants to use an electrical heating mat (wires) to warm the space.  The construction would be a 5" slab on grade, the heating mat, and a 3" topping slab poured over the mat.  Both slabs would have WWF reinforcing.

Has anyone had experience with this type of system before?  I am wondering what the heating and cooling will do to the concrete in both the topping slab and the slab on grade.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry King, PE