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Re: Heating mat in concrete slab

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>From my understanding it is a rather common form of heating.  I would not anticipate any problems with the slabs.  However, you wall connections at the footings will need to go through both slabs and into the footing.  Northridge showed that we get movement between the
slab and the foot when he common method of pouring the footing, then the slab in a later pour, is used.  If the wall connections extend into the footing, and the required embedment begins at the top of the footing, it should be okay.

Rick Ranous

Jerry King wrote:

> I am working on a project where the mechanical engineer wants to use an electrical heating mat (wires) to warm the space.  The construction would be a 5" slab on grade, the heating mat, and a 3" topping slab poured over the mat.  Both slabs would have WWF reinforcing.
> Has anyone had experience with this type of system before?  I am wondering what the heating and cooling will do to the concrete in both the topping slab and the slab on grade.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Jerry King, PE