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RE: COMP: Software Wish List

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I understand this concern although I do not believe vendors should be
responsible for changes users make. What I would do is keep a copy of the
original program somewhere else. If I made some modifications and had a
problem that may prompt a tech. support call, I would first try and
duplicate the problem on the original, unaltered application. If I got the
same results as I did in the modified application, I would still call. If
not, I would check the changes I made. I realize this may be difficult for a
tech. support person to determine, but the alternative is that I would write
my own (in Excel or MathCAD) rather than buy someone's application.

Bill Allen

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I learned rather quickly when I produced and marketed a softare -
Equake - that some of the users would modify the formulas (it was
spreadsheet) and macros in order to try and make a program that they felt
was more user friendly. In the process they made mistakes that they quickly
blamed to me and the original program.
I discovered that the reason software developers use proprietary data and
coding is to prevent the user from making changes to the software which
might produce inacurate results.

Dennis Wish PE