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FW: COMP: Software Wish List

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Sent: 	Tuesday, July 28, 1998 6:00 PM
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Subject: 	RE: COMP: Software Wish List

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Sent: 	Wednesday, July 29, 1998 2:37 AM
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Subject: 	RE: COMP: Software Wish List

SPACE GASS allows you to modify section libraries, including allowing you to create your own libraries.  You can also import and
export in DXF (full 3D) with member geometry shown (it interacts with StruCAD, X-Steel, etc) and also import and export via a text

I don't mean to go on blowing this program's horn, but most people in the US are unfamiliar with this package and its ease of use,
capabilities, etc.

Nick Stanley, B.Eng (Hons), B.Bus

What I am really after is not just the geometry (3D DXF) but the full connectivity between analysis and the drafting package.  That is if my analysis program knows that my beam is W8x18, that I would not have to draw W8 section again in my drafting model - it will just take this info from the database and draw the 3D faces or 3D shapes or just lines to represent the steel member.

What I mean by full connectivity is the opportunity to make change the member size in the analysis program and had the drawing dynamically change and vice versa, that is you make a change (in location or size) in the drafting program (through specifying the different member in "smart" database) and dynamically change the analysis model.

Sasha Itsekson, PE