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Re: basement uplift follies

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On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Jeff Smith wrote:

> A while back I posted some questions on a ski chalet basement. The retaining
> walls are over 21 feet tall on the high sides and the potential water table
> creates at least 14' of head. The project will only get to the ground floor
> before they cover it up for the winter. I have a net hydrostatic uplift of
> about 300 psf. so I need to fill up the basement with some counter balance.
> I do not want to add piers because it will penetrate the membrane. So I am
> left with filing up the basement with about 5 feet of water. I am concerned
> that when the water freezes it will damage the walls. There probably will
> not be power to heat the water or to provide pumps. Alternatives include
> borrowing some chair lift counter balance blocks, caltrans lane dividers, or
> install water tanks. Anyone have any ideas?
> I explained to the geotech that the basement was for a squash court. The
> geotech told me that he has played squash and that the game is not *that*
> great.

I seem to recall that people in cold climates float a large log, or RR 
tie in their swimming pools to take up winter time freezing expansion, 
and protect the pool walls. Sounds good, but I really don't know how 
effective it is. If yer gonna "squash" something, it might as well be a 
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