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As chairman of BSSC Technical Subcommittee 13 "Nonbuilding Structures" I guess my committee and I are taking the first crack at it.  

The 1997 NEHRP Provisions are out now, and I would be interested in your opinion on our chapter.  Be gentle with your criticism.  We started off with a clean sheet.  But what we created is on its way into the IBC.

We are not now getting into nukes (beyond the scope), but I have worked on nuclear plants and nuclear fuel reprocessing plants (which are not covered by the NRC).  As you might imagine, we had to  maintain a link to ASD and ASD based industry standards.  But the future is clear that if we want help from AISC, we have to go to a limit state design.  The difference will come in how we define and handle performance criteria.

FYI nonbuilding structures could be electrical power plants, wharves, fixed cranes, water tanks, tanks containing liquefied natural gas, telecommunications towers, tanks containing toxic gas, signs, frangible towers at airports, petrochemical facilities, pipe racks, nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities, etc.

If you want to get into the specifics, or if you want to help develop the code feel free to contact me directly.  There is no pay and a lot of work.

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>Try doing a seismic design using ASD and the new AISC Seismic Provisions.
Try doing a seismic design of a nuke plant critical lift device without 
it. Try doing any crane design without it. Ultimate loads just don't 
govern. I still don't understand how it helps with building design ('I 
just like it better' doesn't count) but I'm resigned to that. I do wonder 
who's going to take it over and how it'll be administerd for things other 
than buildings.

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