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Maintain your skepticism and read June 98, AISC Modern Steel Construction, "Economics of Low-Rise Buildings".  

The maximum savings is about 20%, but even that is a stretch.  The average savings is about 17.8%.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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"  I have a hard time believing that there was 40% savings just by using 50
 steel and LRFD."
 Bill >>

I agree with this statement.  Did the author of the comparison check to ensure
that the original design was not overly conservative when done as Working
Stress?  If I was to check the first steel beam I ever designed-today, using
the same exact code,  I could probably find a 40% savings!!!!!    We also know
that the time frame on some jobs is "Make it Stout..and Get it OUT"....I am
curious about the scope of the comparison.  That is a lot of savings...

Name withheld in case the first person I ever worked for is reading......