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RE: My personal Software "Wish" list

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In response to Dennis Wish's bring up some interesting
points which I feel should be addressed for everyone's information.

> I am not trying to knock what is a very good product, but it's major
> problem is that it is too expensive a package for a small office.
Eagle Point does not have one huge product like REI does that costs
several thousands of dollars.  Our library of programs consists of
individual programs that may be used independently of one another OR as
an integrated system for analysis and design.  The cost of the package
that is right for your office depends entirely upon what capabilities
your office requires, then we put together a custom package and pricing
for you.

> AutoCad R14 is very expensive, but on a cost per hour basis is
> probably one of the least expensive programs in many offices.
We realize that AutoCAD is too expensive for many offices to add to
their arsenal of tools, but also that operating inside of CAD is very
cost effective when considering the time saved per project.  Eagle Point
offers analysis programs which operates inside of AutoCAD and is in the
process of porting the same 2d/3d analysis program over to work inside
of IntelliCAD which is a much more affordable solution ($349 vs. $3000+)
for most offices.  We have been listening to our clients and have

> Recently there has been a great move at DWG standarization with an
> aliance led by Visio. 
Eagle Point is a registered business partner with Visio since we
believed that all products, CAD and otherwise, should be made available
to all firms large or small.  As mentioned above, we are working closely
with Visio to make our applications run with IntelliCAD.  In fact, our
new structural drafting and detailing package, StrucPro, is already
running inside of IntelliCAD.  We are a founding member of the Open DWG
Alliance with Visio and a handful of other companies.

> There is no question in my mind that the programs like Eagle Point are
> potentially important additions to integrated design (I have not as
> yet
> reviewed EP's software so must preface with potential). Unfortunately,
> it will probably remain in the "wish list" of most engineers who only
> wish they
> could afford the package. I believe the answer is to reduce the price
> and hit a larger market, finance the software or lease it for use
> (something I'm
> not to keen on) or leave it to the rich and famous. At some point in
> the future another vendor will pick up on the features and come to
> market with a
> lower cost competitor.
You have hit the nail on the head, but we are one step ahead of you.  In
just the last quarter or so, Eagle Point has actually reduced the
pricing structure of our structural analysis and design programs, both
individually as well as with custom bundles.  We have also worked out
special arrangements with several leasing companies to offer a multitude
of purchasing options for our clients.  

> Again, with all due respect to EP and the other products I have only
> hinted
> at, they have proven their products abilities and this is not of
> issue. The
> engineers ability to afford and use the product is the bottom line.
Proven solutions at an affordable price is what we all want and that is
what Eagle Point is striving to provide.  The bottom line for purchasing
any software is your companies bottom line profit.  The price of
software should not be considered in terms of cost to your firm, but
rather as an investment.  Take into account the return on investment the
software will produce for you in terms of increased productivity
resulting in additional jobs and decide if your firm can afford NOT to
use it.

In short, what I recommend is that you decide what tools you would need
to make your office more productive, find the tools, THEN consider the
price versus the return on investment.  No one should have to purchase a
large bundle of programs for thousands of dollars to only have use for a
fraction of the capabilities.  Other vendors still use that approach,
but now we are offering you a choice.