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RE: Re[2]: FW: seismic loads on post tensioned conc parking stru

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Funny you should bring this up. My practice is mostly large custom homes,
earthquake retrofits, light commercial projects. I am not doing work with a
licensed Architect at this time (with one small exception). I work on 8,000
s.f. plus custom homes with an unlicensed designer whose work is accepted by
the building department as long as an engineer is hired for the structural.
My stamp on the project is prefaced with "Structural Only". The rest of the
work are engineering projects that come from owners or contractors or
I'm not knocking Architects, they offer a level of professionalism (in most
cases) which are not the same from the majority of unlicensed people that I
have worked with. Of course their are exceptions to the rules and one of my
unlicensed clients is such an exception. I feel more comfortable working
with a licensed architect, but can still do very nicely without on.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Re[2]: FW: seismic loads on post tensioned conc parking stru

Really.......without architects, structural engineers would be scratching
for clients  - don't bite the hand that feeds - also an antagonistic
relationship between architects and engineers of any kind serves no purpose
to further separate the professions which should compliment rather than
against eachother.

J. Baltar, PE, RA

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Yes, but "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". So what if Ross is
licensed architect and not an engineer, the guy is still "The Bomb" when it
comes to the structural engineering of post tensioned concrete parking
structures. Don't get so hung-up on titles.

Greg Riley, PE