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RE: Re[2]: FW: seismic loads on post tensioned conc parking stru

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The problem between Architects and Engineers lies within their lobby, not
among individuals. When we discuss conventional framing on this list, I
receive comments from National Association Of Home Builders suggesting the
problem is engineer rather than one of construction. When we talk about the
ability to design and what the states allow, AIA steps in and tries to stop
engineers from desiging smaller projects like residential and small
commercial projects. Engineers also lobby to try and stop architects from
practicing engineering.
I know I am biased, but noone ever died from a blind cooridor. I have plan
checked many local architects who claim to have the ability to design
structure. None that I have every checked would be considered qualified by
any standard our minimum testing requires.
My advice for both professions has been the same for years. You can guess
what will happen when you allow a Proctologist to practice Brain Surgery!
Stick to what you know best and don't try to save the client a few bucks or
improve your profit margin at the clients expense.

Dennis Wish PE

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> an antagonistic
>  relationship between architects and engineers of any kind serves no
> but
>  to further separate the professions which should compliment rather than
> strive
>  against eachother.
It's nice to give compliments but architects and engineers should strive to
COMPLEMENT each other.  : )