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Re: LRFD, ASD, and USD

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This is neither pro or con ASD vs. LRFD but -- your reduction in steel is ok
if you can stand a deflection increase in your system of 33% in the girders
and 300% in the beams.  So let us not get carried away with mere numbers.  We
still need to remember what they mean in terms of servicability.  If a floor
is "bouncy" or "doesn't feel right" customers or users will not go there.
When a larger chain department store opened up in Phx several years ago I know
of some customers that would not shop at that store because they didn't "feel
safe" because the floor "bounced" .  They  would go to the a store in the same
chain several miles out of the way to do their shopping to avoid that feeling.
Unreasonable?  Maybe but we are not dealing with people that understand stress
strain relationships, allowable vs. ultimate stresses, services loads vs.
ultimate laods, etc.  We are dealing with the public that only has their own
perception when something "looks or feels right".