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Re: Re[2]: FW: seismic loads on post tensioned conc parking stru

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I believe that some background on this discussion is necessary since we have
experienced a tremendous divergence from the topic, "Seismic loads on post
tensioned concrete parking structures". Since I was the originator of the
discussion when my reply to the request for information on the seismic loads
of post tensioned concrete parking structures was to contact "The Engineering
God" of PT garages, Mr. Ross Ellena, Architect and Director of Engineering at
Frame Design Group in Sherman Oaks. The first response was that TY Lin was
"The PT God". Next, someone threw in, "Did you know that Ross is an
Architect?" This, in turn, led to my response that Ross is "The Bomb" of
structural engineering of PT garages, even though he is a licensed architect.
That started the architect  v. engineer discussion currently underway.

For the record, as a California licensed professional engineer and a Cal Poly
SLO Arce grad who has had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ellena daily for
the last year and a half, I can honestly stated that he is a total authority
on the structural engineering design of PT parking structures. In the late
1960s, Mr. Ellena and Mr. Ken Bondy, SE and father of Dirk Bondy, SE (how
about that for subtle name dropping?) pioneered the structural engineering of
PT concrete parking garages inSeismic Zone 4. Mr. Ellena is a structural
engineer how happens to be licensed as an architect.

So, back to the original topic of discussion, is there anybody out there with
information on the seismic design of post tensioned concrete parking
structures? And for all of you snobs out there who are still convinced that
Ross Ellena can't possibly be a "real" engineer because he is a licensed
architect, try to "out-calc" him in post tensioned concrete in seismic zone 4!

Bonne Chance
Greg Riley, P.E.