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Re: Signing Plans

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Back in the early 80's I sealed the structural steel pages in a set of
plans for a contractor.  On one of the structural pages was a facade detail
showing not only the framing but also the cladding.  An architect in the
town where the building was constructed filed a complaint against me for
practising architecture without a licence because of this detail.  I had to
defend myself before the state licensing board and eventually proved my case.

Mark Florence, P.E.

At 12:35 AM 7/31/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Be carefull when you sign non-structural plans.
>I heard from another engineer his experience with signing architectural
>on the job he did the structural engineering on. He consulted with his lawyer
>about writing "structural only" beside his stamp on the architectural sheets,
>and the laywer said that in court, in front of the judge, the "structural
>only" note does not mean a thing. When you sign a sheet, you are responsible
>for it. If something goes wrong later on and they are looking for somebody to
>sue, they'll go after you and not the unlicensed designer.
>Whether it is true or not, I don't know.
>Ernie Natividad