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Re: basement uplift follies

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> Worth considering, however I think there would be "diminishing
> returns" from the contractor's point of view.  We would have to
> blast, scrape and chip out 2 more feet of some pretty hard rock and
> the extra depth increases the uplift pressure. Pulling two more feet
> of rock out of 20 foot hole does not seem too easy. I currently have
> a 2 foot wide heel all around. The mat pour alone is already over
> 100 yards with an 18" thick mat. Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
> I need to think about this and further my discussions with the
> geotechnical engineer.
> Regards,

I have not been following this thread so this might repeat what 
others have suggested. If the excavation is into rock, how about rock
bolts or similar anchors?