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Re: Forming question

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I assume the Specs require "clean up" of the site.  If you don't want the stakes left there,
make the sub clear them out.  Why doews the contractor want to leave them?  How can it cost to
have a laborer pull them out & put them in a dumpster??


Tarek Mokhtar wrote:

> I have a situation whereby the concrete contractor is forming grade beams
> for a foudation, and is intending to leave the wood stakes that is holding
> the forms
> after pouring.Now I am thinking this is not a good idea, since the wood
> will rot, and corrosion will follow soon after. The stakes are holding the
> edge of
> the slab boards (to be poured later) as well as the hardware that will go
> in the walls above, so there is a legitimate reason for there being.What
> do others do in similar situations. your comments will be greatly appreciated.
> Tarek Mokhtar, SE