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concrete bonding compounds

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I need to design a concrete topping for a public corridor.  The topping will
be about 1/2" to 3/4" in thickness over a reinforced concrete structural slab
that was placed about 6 months ago; it has been in use as a corridor since it
was placed.  The finish surface on the topping needs to match an old sidewalk
in color and texture.  

I am considering a trowel-applied mortar.  I am concerned about bond of the
new topping to the existing concrete.  I am used to developing bond of new
concrete to existing by good surface preparation, and use of a sanded cement
slurry between the new concrete and the previously placed.  

Is there any benefit to use of a bonding compound such as Larsen Weld-crete,
(poly vinyl acetete), or other product?  

An article in today's (Friday 7-31-98) L.A. Times about Caltrans highway
pavement testing stated that, ".  .  .  .  tests have prompted the agency to
require contractors to compact freshly laid concrete to a precise point, and
to mandate that a sticky bonding material be applied between layers of
concrete."  Do you have any more technically rigorous data on what that means?
Might there be something here to be learned that is applicable to my topping

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer