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Re: factory-made roof trusses

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When spelling out the chord loading and special loads, as Roger Turk urged,
consider exaggerating those loads enough to compensate for all the stress
increases and other advantages the truss people take to compete on cost.

This is a lot easier than trying to intervene into details of how their
truss software is rigged.  

If there are any roof diaphragm drag or chord loads for the trusses to take,
spell those out too. Some truss makers know to ask about these, if not given. 

Also watch out for someone (like the contractor or truss yard)
misunderstanding the design with respect to support locations, cantilevers,
etc., and feeding the wrong info to the PE, who often runs the design off
their input, not directly off yours. I catch that on occasion in reviewing
the submittals. 

I agree that compression web bracing usually gets no respect, unless from you.

Chuck Greenlaw