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RE: factory-made roof trusses

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From:	John C. Jones [mailto:jcjones(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Saturday, August 01, 1998 11:27 AM
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Subject:	RE: factory-made roof trusses

PS On our drawings and specs we always require that the shop drawings and
calcs be stamped by a licensed (registered ->whichever it is this week)
engineer in the state that the project is taking place in.  We also do this
for Light Gauge steel trusses.


John Jones, EIT
Pell City, AL

We require the EOR to review the truss package and submit a letter to
building official verifying compliance with the intent of the structural
The truss companies in our area are required to provide an analysis by a
licensed engineer in the state. The plate companies license their software
to engineers only and this engineers stamp must appear on the calculations.
However, the EOR is responsible for all. He can argue his liability for the
actual truss design (since another licensed engineer submitted the package)
but in court who cares? Whoever stamped the drawings is going to be put
through the ringer unless they have a good song and dance to convince the
jury where the blame belongs.
Therefore, the EOR must really check over the calculations.
Also, if the trusses are used in a custom home, the EOR has the
responsibility to make sure that his details match the bearing condition of
the truss. This includes heel heights as well. The local building official
requires the EOR to indicate bottom of beam elevations, plate heights on
both the plans and details at truss connections.
I failed to mention to Nels  in my private post to be sure to provide the
manufacture with any special load conditions as well as the roof materials.
Be careful of instances where your client tries to use the truss space for
storage or to set up mechanical equipment - this may not have been
considered in the original design.

Finally, I think you can see that those in outlying area's find plated
trusses more available than in the big city.

La Quinta, California (the desert)