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Re: Signing Plans

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Dennis, I find your "I-don't-have-insurance-so-nobody-will-sue-me-'cause-I-
got-nothing-to-take" attitude a bit naive in today's legal environment. I was
recently involved as an expert witness defending a framing contractor on a
custom built home in Palos Verdes. Unfortunately for the framing contractor,
the Plaintiffs were husband and wife trial attorneys. It was their position
that they didn't care that the architect, structural engineer, soils engineer,
and framing sub-contractor were un-insured. The design professionals and
contractor had "ruined their dream home and caused their lives to become a
nightmare". (Actually these people were very good at this on their own and
didn't need the aid of design and construction professionals to screw-up their
lives.) Therefore, they sued everyone and those who could not pay would be
ruined financially. They wanted either money or blood. It whole thing was
maddening and sad because these people are the "well educated leaders" of our
society. With this tale of woe in mind, I would rather have the resources to
defend myself (i.e. insurance) against freaks like this than hope that they
will leave me alone because I have nothing to take (except my house).

Just something to think about,

Greg Riley PE