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Re: Stainless and Carbon steel

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Electrolytic effects between metals is one issue. I work with curtain 
wall systems and anchored stone veneer. Carbon steel and aluminum 
will corrode if there is moisture present. We use stainless steel 
bolts with aluminum in all exterior walls, and separate any other 
steel from aluminum with a non-conductable washer (plastic).

As for welding  stainless and carbon steel, there are other issues of 
the particular acceptable electrodes, methods and particular alloys 
beyond even electrolysis. Check "Design of Welded Structures," by 
Omer Blodgett for some guidance. It really helps to know the correct 
ASTM standard for the steel first.

> I have never dealt with stainless steel but seem to recall reading somewhere
> that if carbon steel and stainless are attached it can cause problems.  On a
> project of mine the Architect has some stainless under a glass block wall
> (miscellaneous metals).  He was planning on having it welded to the
> structural column.  What kind of problems can this cause?  What are some
> references on the subject?  Can the same thing happen with aluminum and
> carbon steel?  Am I all wet am this is not a problem after all?
> Thanks
> John Jones, EIT
> Pell City, AL
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