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RE: Steel `Rust protection/fire protection -Reply

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Long ago we spec'd ZRC Zinc Compound by Sealube Co. in Wakefield, MA,
and as an alternate product AMCO Galvanizing Compound by American Solder
and Flux Co. in Paoli, PA.  These days we call for an organic zinc-rich
primer with a minimum zinc content and give a list of paint
manufacturers who might produce it.

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> Subject: 	Steel `Rust protection/fire protection  -Reply
> For carbon steel there was a zinc rich primer paint that when applied
> to
> a properly cleaned bare metal surface and then sealed over with a coal
> tar enamel paint  that was said to approach the effectivenes of hot
> dipped  galvanizing ....unfortunately I can't remember the name of the
> paint started with a "Z"  and was produced in Quincy
> Massachusetts.