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RE: Thoughts

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Might work (in theory) for the cells if the prison is in a deep snow
area (roof snow load 40-50 psf minimum, so ground snow would have to be
45-55 psf or more), but exit corridors must be designed for 100 psf, and
the columns would still have to carry the same snow load as before plus
the new floor.  Seems obvious to me the originator of this idea has no
concept of building design (like the guy who was convinced autos really
only need one lug nut per wheel ).

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> Our client gave us a letter that was sent to them from a concerned
> citizen.  He felt that rather than constructing new prison buildings,
> we should add a floor to the top of existing buildings, since they can
> carry 'tons of snow.'  Our client wanted us to write a response to the
> letter. Any thoughts? BTW the writer instisted 'I am not a nut. I have
> written letters to General Collin Powell and received 5 letters back.'