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Re: Factory Made Trusses

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seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:

    I have not yet gotten through all the comments on trusses but to address
a couple of issues easily there are two web sites that are related to this
topic and  The first is the official web
site of the Wood Truss Council of America.  The second is the official
tradeshow of same.

    I will take some time to respond to all the points listed by this topic
over the next few days.

    Respectfully Submitted

    Kirk Grundahl, P.E.
    Executive Director of the Wood Truss Council of America


Mr. Grundahl,

I appreciate your response and your concern for helping fellow engineers
understand prefab wood truss construction more clearly.  I visited your web
site as you suggested and I appreciate what you have made available.  I
noticed you have a new publication titled " ENGINEERING COMPONENTS FOR
EFFICIENT FRAMING BROCHURE".  I note that this is order with a 10 copies
minimum.  To better help us in our understanding would you be willing to make
this available in single copies to those who personally request it from you,
if you think this would be a help to us?



Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

The service mission like-minded Christian organizations
may turn to for technical assistance and know-how.