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RE: Thoughts

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     Before responding to this letter, you may want to go to your local 
     book store.  There is a book, published one or two years ago, which is 
     titled, "Letters from a Nut."  The original book did so well, the 
     author has written a sequel. I forget the authors name, he lives in 
     the Thousand Oaks area of California, I believe.  Jerry Seinfeld's 
     name is prominently displayed on the cover, since he wrote the forward 
     to the book.  Basically, the book is a collection of outlandish 
     letters written to companies regarding their products or services.  
     The original letter and the response are then scanned and published in 
     the books.  The more serious the response, the likely a follow-up 
     letter will be sent with additional ludicrous requests and hopefully 
     more responses.
     Evan Jorgensen, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel
     Bruce Trobridge, wrote:
     "Our client gave us a letter that was sent to them from a concerned 
     citizen.  He felt that rather than constructing new prison buildings, 
     we should add a floor to the top of existing buildings, since they can 
     carry 'tons of snow.' Our client wanted us to write a response to the 
     letter. Any thoughts? BTW the writer instisted 'I am not a nut. I have 
     written letters to General Collin Powell and received 5 letters