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RE: Stainless steel bolting

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I had a similar underwater project several years ago and finally
selected a particular stainless by ARMCO 
(312-762-2121) known as "Nitronic 50".  There  were about (900) 1 1/4"
dia. threaded rods, installed in fresh water (about 20 feet deep) as
adhesive anchors in concrete abutments.  The resistance to galling was
somewhat better than that of 316 or 304 stainless.  However, after some
trial installations we decided to use HD galvanized nuts that were
slightly oversized to allow for the zinc coating.  These worked great on
the stainless rod.

Hal Riddle, P.E.
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> Subject:	Stainless steel bolting
> Has anyone found a good solution to the problem with galling of the
> threads for stainless steel fasteners?  This specific application is
> under water, so a coating may not work.  Also, the water is high in
> chloride and sulfate ions, so galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals
> is
> likely.  Our contractor has suggested making the bolts a 400-series
> stainless and furnishing 316 stainless nuts as specified.